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Here’s a few companies who use Barry’s strategies to create fearless business cultures.
Their innovative leaders win by playing a smarter game with a better team.

Our END IN MIND  speaking, training, and consulting accomplishes exactly that.

Fearless Leadership Speaker

Barry Moniak brings thirty years of business experience and profound discovery as a twenty one year ski instructor onto the stage. His interactive style inspires your people to embrace a befriend fear mindset. Your key players return to work focused, energized, synergistic teams that win because they face, embrace, and befriend fear.

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Black Diamond Business Trainer

‘Black diamond business performance’ is like ‘black diamond skiing.’ To navigate expert terrain requires an appropriate mindset and skill-set. This translates into navigating challenging terrain in business. Barry Moniak enhances your teams’ mindset as well as their skill-set, transforming amateur reaction into professional response.

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Innovative Leadership Advisor

Barry Moniak gets leaders to stop seeing people and challenges as they think they are – and start seeing them as they truly are. With thirty years of business leadership consulting, and twenty one years as a PSIA certified ski instructor, he inspires a befriend fear mindset, thereby laying the foundation for a fearless, winning, synergistic team culture.

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Innovative leaders inspire their people to befriend fear.
They win by playing a smarter game with a 
fearless team.

Innovation creates elements of disruption that typically elicit fear; fear of getting rid of things which no longer serve us; fear of introducing something new into the mix which could produce a better outcome; fear of using a different approach or strategy which could make us new market leaders.

Does “fearless” literally mean the absence of fear? In the dictionary yes, in business, no. It actually means to befriend fear, and incorporate it’s energy into your leadership and teams. To create innovative profitable cultures, leaders must be predisposed to face, embrace, and befriend fear.

This innovative fearless mind-set creates personal power, not just position power. Such extraordinary leaders develop interdependent fearless teams who lean into real issues and challenges, as does an expert skier on a black diamond slope.

These teams relate to each other’s feelings and fears and value the differences that make each a unique contributing member. Their winning team performance is enhanced exponentially by synergistic thinking that produces results far greater and more profitable than individual efforts ever could.

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