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What you always wanted to know about fear … but were too afraid to ask

Fear is a primal element of the human condition. It is natural, necessary - and not always helpful. Fear has two primary functions. The natural side of fear is intrinsically tied to our sense of survival - it’s a self preservation mechanism. The unnatural (and more problematic) side of fear expresses itself as a fictional playwright, projecting all manner [...]


Give Thanks To The Opposition

To be in a consistent state of unconditional love, thankfulness, and gratitude, has been touted for thousands of years as an enlightened mind-set. So, how then do we apply this sage wisdom to unconditionally love, and even be thankful for, those we absolutely don’t agree with or even hate? It's easy to be thankful for those who love and [...]


Will You Try A Road Yet Traveled?

Once on a business trip in southern Nevada, I took some time to venture a hike into Grapevine Canyon - known for 1,000-year-old petroglyphs. My GPS directed my vehicle right to the parking lot and the trail head was well marked. A few hundred yards into the hike, the trail became increasingly obscure. What appeared to be the trail [...]


BBB – Back to Business Basics

Looking back over the last decade, I've spent time in several business communities across the country. Some cities were hit extremely hard by the financial turmoil our country has had to endure. In smaller towns, where a large or sole business supplied most of the available jobs, closing their doors was devastating to the local economy. I noticed, however, [...]


Are We Creatures of Bias?

It is time to become critical thinkers, not just critics. Humanity, en masse, hasn't been playing the smartest game. We can do the blame game – but isn’t that what has gotten where we are? And where is it that we are? We are creatures of bias. The root cause of our current social/political dilemmas stem from our incessant [...]


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