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  Black Diamond Team Building   

Executive teams win by fearlessly playing the smarter game.

People are your most valuable resource. Sometimes difficult to manage, volatile and costly when things go awry, still they’re your greatest asset. It takes more patience, insight, and ingenuity to manage and enhance human assets than any other resource. Money and property don’t care how they’re used. Trucks don’t care if other trucks get better paint jobs. Computers don’t care if they get credit for what they create. Your people, however, do care.

People care about what, how and why they do things – and how they are regarded and rewarded in the process. They have values (not always noble) and complex (sometimes rebellious) minds. Human resources are your most valuable resources because of, not in spite of, the fact that they are human.

Black Diamond Team Leaders fearlessly negotiate the steep, perplexing, sometimes hazardous terrain of human dynamics. They have a DNA-deep commitment to enhance their best resource in the best possible ways. They invite open discussion, generate inspiring goals, conduct focused debriefs, and achieve outstanding results.

With Black Diamond Team Training, your teams play the smarter game. That is why you win.


We don’t just educate, we actually condition your leaders and teams to react differently to high-level mission obstacles and personal challenges. Black Diamond teams perceive conflict differently. They respond constructively, transforming contention into creative collaboration. They become exceptional interdependent teams comprised of talented, independent individuals. They stay on task and on target no matter what.

  • Prevent and Defend ~ They know that the best defense is a great offense. The best offense is not offensive. They win the game by not playing games.
  • Innovate and Interconnect ~ They relish navigating risky unfamiliar terrain. They befriend fear and go where other teams fear to tread.
  • Debrief and Refocus ~ They communicate openly, supportively, with intense curiosity about their wins and losses.  They fearlessly analyze what has happened and why, then intelligently accelerate, brake, or modify their strategy.

Two half-day onsite trainings with interim and follow-up consultation.

Our Promise ~ Unique in the training world, we do more than teach; we reset mindsets. We recondition human interactions; transforming mindless reactions into mindful responses. Innovative perspectives and tools are instigated; then practiced and debriefed between sessions. As we embed these concepts into your team consciousness, they pull together fearlessly, gaining and maintaining your winning edge.

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