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  Black Diamond Sales Training   

Sell more by playing a fearless game.

What is your sales teams’ most valuable financial resource? Customers. Sometimes miserably difficult to deal with, still, your clients are your greatest asset.

It takes great patience, insight, and creative ingenuity to engage and entice these human assets. In frustration, we ask, “Why do sales prospects act the way they do?” The answer? “Because they are people.” People, clients, customers are your most valuable resource because of, not in spite of, the fact that they are human.

Black Diamond Sales Experts don’t regret that fact, they lean into it. They love negotiating the steep, perplexing, hazardous terrain of human dynamics. Like black diamond skiers, they love the challenge and opportunity that intelligent, resistant prospects present. They love the hazards of the game! They have a DNA-deep commitment to fearlessly engage. They invite open discussion, generate inspiring mutual goals, get committed decisions, achieve outstanding results.

With Black Diamond Sales Training your teams play the smarter game – and win!


We don’t just educate, we actually condition your sales leaders to react differently to high-stakes obstacles and challenges. Black Diamond sales professionals perceive resistance differently. They respond to it eagerly, seeing sales resistance as potential interest. They form long term interdependent relationships with clients. Laser-focused on mutual goals and mutually profitable results, they stay on task and on target no matter what.

  • Innovative ~ They relish navigating risky unfamiliar terrain. They befriend the fear of failure and go where others fear to tread.
  • Present ~ The best defense is a great offense – and the best offense is not offensive. These sales professionals win the game by not playing games.
  • Debrief ~ They communicate supportively, openly, with intense curiosity about their teams and their clients wins and losses. They fearlessly analyze what happened and why, then intelligently modify their strategy, enhancing their upward spiral.

Two half-day onsite trainings with interim and follow-up consultation.

Our Promise ~ We do much more than teach sales tricks and techniques; we reset mindsets. We recondition the fear of rejection, transforming the perception of defeat into an assumption of opportunity. Negative client reactions are interpreted as potential buying responses. We introduce these innovative perspectives and processes, then practice and debrief between sessions, embedding these concepts into your team’s consciousness.

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