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  Black Diamond Conflict Resolution   

Play the Smarter Game by Transforming Team Conflict

Does caustic contention, corrosive conflict, destructive dispute threaten your workplace? Do you wish it would just go away? Wouldn’t that be great? But would your enterprise be great? What if, instead of making dispute disappear, we lean into it – as a black diamond skier leans into a challenging run?

Amateur skiers fear falling; they lean away, tense up, and lose control.
Advanced skiers love falling; they lean in purposefully and enjoy the ride.

Amateur teams fear conflict; they lean away, tense up, and lose control.
Advanced teams love conflict; they lean in purposefully and enjoy the benefits!

Black Diamond teams love negotiating the perplexing, hazardous terrain of disagreement and dispute. The steeper and more challenging, the better they like it. They utilize conflict energy as the advanced skier uses the gravity of a double black diamond run. These teams know that passionate differences of perspective powers innovation, production and profit.

With Black Diamond Conflict Resolution Training your teams play the smarter game – and win!


We don’t just teach dispute resolution theory, we condition your teams and team leaders to react differently to conflict – transforming it into new ideas and profitable solutions. Innovative perspectives and tools are introduced; then practiced and debriefed between sessions. Your Black Diamond teams…

  • Perceive conflict differently ~ They embrace conflict with intense curiosity. They are secure enough in their own competence to entertain and build on other’s perspectives.
  • Value diverse points of view ~ They respond to contention eagerly and constructively, seeking out differing perspectives from talented, strong minded, independent teammates.
  • Transform conflict energy ~ They transform conflict into constructive energy and creative collaboration. They know the greater the conflict the greater the potential for innovation.

Two half-day onsite trainings with interim and follow-up consultation.

Our Promise ~ Unique in the training world, we do more than teach; we reset mindsets. Like training advanced skiers to negotiate black diamond runs, we transform mindless reactions into mindful responses necessary to gain and maintain your winning edge. As we embed these concepts into your team consciousness, they perceive contention as a power source for innovation, not the bane of their existence.