Does fearless mean the absence of fear?

In the dictionary yes, in business, no. Fearless actually means to befriend fear, and incorporate it’s energy into your leadership style and team dynamics.

Imagine two skiers atop a challenging black diamond run. They sport upscale apparel and top of the line gear. One is having the best day ever; the other, the worst day ever. Why is one in a euphoric state, while the other trembles in cold sweat, about to soil those designer pants?

The second skier is in the grip of fear.  The first skier has befriended fear — and incorporated its energy.

What happens when your executive team and key players actually embrace and befriend their fear of innovation and and its inevitable disruption? What will that look like? A winning culture driven by extraordinary synergistic teams; fearless, focused, interdependent, profitable.

Enjoy business lessons learned on the mountain from a certified black diamond ski instructor and national executive consultant. Transform debilitating team dynamics into creative energy and robust performance.

There are speakers who consult and consultants who speak. Barry Moniak is both. His customized presentations promote your theme and bring your event to life. In his engaging and insightful platform presentations, and innovative training sessions, you enjoy delightful personal experience and profound professional discovery.

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Topic:  FEAR … Friend or Foe?
What is possible when fear is your friend?

We all feel fear sometimes – it can be a powerful force. It’s incredibly real to the person or group encountering it, yet the experience of fear is different for each and every one of us.

The question is … is fear our foe – or is it our friend?

Whether real or imagined, fear is always our friend because it warns and protects us. It also inspires us to develop knowledge and experience we may currently be lacking! Fear is not our foe when we face, embrace and befriend it.

With the mindset of “fear is my friend”, we transform destructive emotionalreaction into constructive intelligent response.

FEAR … Friend or Foe? (topic one sheet)

Topic:  Fearless Team Engagement
Win by playing the smarter game with a better team

A “better team” faces, embraces and befriends fear. Businesses that befriend the fear of hard challenges, become exemplary, iconic. These winning organizations are driven by the “befriend fear” mindset.

Innovative leaders recognize team members’ prejudices and respect their feelings as they transform their fears; indeed, they value the differences that make each unique and indispensable. They build team trust, an essential component of a profitable, synergistic culture. Their team players are not afraid of losing their personal autonomy to the team.

These innovative front-runners have personal power, not just position power. They create mutually reliant, profitable teams that produce better, not just more.

Fearless Team Engagement (topic one sheet)

Topic:  Fearless Critical Thinking
     Is critical thinking critical to team dynamics?

Yes. We enhance team performance with disciplined, rational, openminded, informed thinking.

We challenge others’ thinking – don’t we? Are we afraid to challenge our own? Are we willing to vacate familiar preconceptions that we have always relied on in making vital decisions? Do we trust our teammates, or are we afraid to see who they truly are and how they really think?

Critical thinking embraces fear of the unknown. It de-villainizes and actually befriends differences as it values the unique traits and talents of others. This is crucial to building a fearless culture.

Extraordinary leaders see the ideas and feelings of others without fear or judgement, building diverse, mutually reliant teams and effective, profitable cultures.

Fearless Critical Thinking (topic one sheet)

Topic:  Fearless Communication
     Say what you have to say – and live to tell about it!

Are we afraid to show up as who we really are? Can we befriend the fear of being genuine and honest?

When leaders say what needs to be said, not just what people want to hear, they are seen as straightforward, empowering leaders – or jerks. It depends on how they say it, which depends on how their people need to hear it.

Fearless leaders don’t have to choose between being effective or popular – they are both. They take time to understand others’. They befriend the fear of differences, welcoming them without assumption or judgment.

They build mutually reliant teams that move fearlessly forward, producing synergistic results far greater than the sum of individual efforts. They enhance company culture and bottom line profits. The job gets done and their team still likes them!

Fearless Communication (topic one sheet)