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What does Barry believe about fear?

He believes human beings are born with the innate desire to become better versions of themselves. The core trait which sets winners apart is their developed inclination to befriend fear, not just face it.

He believes that the job site is the place for this transformation to take place; not the mountain top, seaside, church or synagogue; not even the latest greatest get motivated seminar. The workplace is the ideal place to achieve this level of courageous enlightenment!

We do not typically think of the job site as the ideal arena in which to become better human beings – but it is. The world of business, the place we spend so much time together, provides the perfect playing field. It’s a tough, no-nonsense, yet highly creative space in which we learn to work and play well with others; discover who we really are; and evolve daily to become our best selves.

Why does Barry believe this?

Because it’s true.

Barry treats your organization as an integrated being. He analyzes the mental, physical, and even emotional characteristics of a business entity as though the organization was an organism, a person.

He then prescribes strategies that empower you, like never before, to accomplish the mission you always intended to achieve.

You and your executive team experience an extraordinary winning culture that befriends fear as a black diamond skier befriends the mountain.