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Create extraordinary winning teams that befriend fear
as black diamond skiers befriend the mountain.

A core trait which sets fearless leaders apart is a developed inclination to befriend fear, not just face it.  They then infuse this mindset into those who look to them for leadership. Hence the development of fearless teams. 

The workplace is the ideal space for this transformation to take place; not the mountain top, seaside, church or synagogue; not even the latest greatest get motivated seminar.

We do not typically think of the job site as the ideal arena in which to become fearless – but it is.  The world of business provides a tough, no-nonsense, yet highly creative space in which we discover who we really are and evolve into fearless leaders of fearless teams.

Barry treats your organization as an integrated being. He analyzes your business as though it is a living entity. He assesses areas where your teams typically experience fear, and how they respond to it.  He then prescribes a strategic plan that empowers them to befriend that fear and accomplish the mission your business was intended to achieve.